Will auto GPS show immediate changes in MPH speed?


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Will auto GPS show immediate changes in MPH speed?

I am thinking about buying an automobile GPS with miles per hour readout. Will it show changes in speed immediately like a speedometer. Or is there a delay from the distance data travels to and from satellite?
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I have a gps that does that, in my car. It does have a delay, but it is not much of one. Maybe 1 or 2 sec. If you are trying to use it as a speedometer, it should work ok for that.
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Most GPS device is pretty acture with the speed and what the Waterwelldude saying it will have one or two second delay and it is common that way.

That how I tested one school bus { converted to the camper } for correct reading.

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Most GPS devices update once per second.
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I use a garmin V and the speed reading from it is more accurate than the vehicle speedometer as long as it has good satellite lock. it updates once per second and that is plenty fast.

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