Motor sunk to bottom of lake...


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Talking Motor sunk to bottom of lake...

After you stop laughing...I pulled it up now how do I get it to start after yesterdays extravaganza? is a new Briggs and Stratton 5 hp 4 stroke.
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Until someone with more experience at this sort of thing comes along I can tell you that you should drain the oil, fuel tank, lower unit and start opening everything up to drain the fluids.
Remove and open up the carb, remove the flywheel then get at it with a blow gun to begin drying it out.

This should have been done within minutes of it coming out of the water.
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Started the process, going to get more oil...The engine was drained of gas and not running when it went under. And actully it was rolled as the flat end canoe flipped that it was on, it was uprighted within several minutes. The engine then was transported laying down, but the transport valve was left open by accident. 15 hours later turned upright to begin dismantel and dry. Why open the lower end...water in THERE.....carborator too? YIKES!
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Motor sunk to bottom of lake...

Underwater -

If you really want to salvage the motor and make it close to new, you should let a pro do the work. The problem may not be a rare as you think and they know all the tricks and things to do. The time out of the water after sinking is mor important than the length of time under water.

It should be able to be salvavaged easily if done right. That is too valuable to play with without the experience. - Do it as soon as you can, like ASAP.
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Thanks for the input...

I'm going to need the motor 7 days from now for a 7 day camp trip-that of course is in the middle of nothing but alot of lake...need the motor. I'll try the "fix it yourself"...including the carb and flyreel and if it doesnt start it's off to the shop. Thanks so much for your advice...much needed for the unknowing. Any other advice is welcome.......
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Concretemasonry has it right: As strange as it sounds, it's best to keep the motor under water until it's taken to a pro. And a pro should see it asap.

It's too late for you this time (submerging it now will just compound the problems), but if it happens again at least try to keep the powerhead submerged in a bucket or tub until you deliver it to the repair shop.
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Been there, done that.... and can't help but laugh with/at you. When mine went under, with similar conditions... I was lucky. I changed out the gas, removed the spark plug and made sure the cylinder wasn't full of water - replaced spark plug - and fired it up. Motor ran fine for the next 7 years.
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Just a little something to make you feel better:


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