help me with my restoration


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help me with my restoration

I am trying to restore a 38 foot monk wood boat and am getting ready to sand and paint the hull..this is the first step that I am doing..after this I will start the inside, but my question now is, can anyone recommend a good bottom paint for me to use

Thanks in advance,

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Copper-based antifouling paint has been the traditional wooden boat bottom coating for decades. However, there is a backlash against it and several areas are considering a ban because it leeches toxic copper into the environment.

Different formulations also are used in different waters and geographic areas. What works well in the Great Lakes probably won't do as well in salt water, and vice versa.

The best suggestion I have is to check with local marinas to see what they recommend for your specific area.

I wish I had your time and energy, and I commend you for taking on that project. Those old wooden cruisers are a lot of work, but the rewards are well worth it.

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