Trailer lights headache!


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Trailer lights headache!

My turn signals work when headlights are off. Don't work when headlights are on.

I just put in a new converter....they still don't work right.

After new converter installed lights worked at first without headlights on. Fiddled with ground to trailer cleaned sanded contact area. now lights very dim or don't work at all.

I'm out of ideas! any thoughts?
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Are you sure they're wired properly?

Brown is for the running lights.
Yellow is Left Turn/Brake.
Green is Right Turn/Brake.
White is ground.

Many people mix up the white and green, since green is ground in most other wiring schemes.
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check what Rick said but run a temporary ground from the trailer to the vehicle first. a poor ground is the number one error in trailer wiring. if you get it working and it fails upon removal of the temp ground you have your answer.
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Make sure the white wire on the vehicle side is hooked to a good ground on the vehicle frame. This is more than likely a ground problem.

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