Removing boat starter


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Removing boat starter

I have a 1987 Wellcraft with the Mercruiser 260. Where on the starter are the mounting bolts and can I get to them? I have already removed the rear seat at the engine. I don't see the mounting bolts.
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Hi. I have a SeaRay with a 260 Mercruiser, and have changed the starter several times.. (Standing in the boat, looking at the engine, while facing aft.) the starter is on the left hand side of the engine at the bottom, towards the rear of the engine (towards the transom). once you locate the starter, you can grab it with your hand, slide you hand towards the transom, you will feel the round motor part of the starter will come to a somewhat squared off area.. this is where you will find the two bolts that hold the starter on the engine. There is one on each side of bottom of the starter going straight up into the bottom of the engine. also, don't forget that there is usually a bracket at the opposite end of the starter that helps support the starter. Dont forget to remove that nut also.

P.S. just an observation on my part.. after having replace the starter on my boat several times, I decided to try a hi torque Permanent Magnet starter on my boat.. I am sop glad I did, the starter is about half the weight of the original GM type starter and much easier to put in. the engine compartment on my boat is so tight that I have to put in the starter myself, as there is no room for another set of hands, much less another person. I found it much easier holding up a 20lb starter while trying to get the bolts started with my other hand, than trying the same thing with a 40lb starter..

I Hope some of this helps..

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starter bolts

So there are two and both on the bottom attaching upwards? I did see the one on the back and whoever do this last left that nut off. Sorry, I've never done a boat starter but many automobile ones. They have two bolts 180 degrees opposite each other attaching to the backing plate if the engine.
Thanks again for all of you expertise.


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