73 Eska 7hp - should I run original 24:1 mix?


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73 Eska 7hp - should I run original 24:1 mix?

I often see advice to run TCW3 oil at 36:1 or even 50:1 in old outboards that originally ran at 24:1. Is this a good idea on an old air-cooled Eska? Motor in question is a model 1747C with a 2-stroke Tecumseh power head. I'd like to run a less-smokey synthetic oil but I'm not sure if I can. There's only an idle adjustment so if I change the oil ratio won't I also need to rejet?
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You can reduce the oil-to-fuel ratio because the formulations of oils are much better than they were 35 years ago. Still, I wouldn't change the mix to 50:1 on any 2-stroke engine that requires premix. Especially one that's 35 years old.

There is probably a lot of carbon buildup inside the engine that's causing some of that smoke. A TCW3, synthetic or standard, will help get rid of it. Use a good-quality Manufacturer's brand, though, not the cheap stuff you find at Wally World.
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I have a 64 evinrude 3.5 and I use 30 or 35:1 (been so long I forgot) I have it marked on the Gas can.
It smoked terrbly at 25:1. Much better at the leaner mix.

Be sure to run that Carburator out of fuel before you shut it off.
My friend had one of those old ESKA's. We used to laugh at him goin down the lake using his pull-rope as a motor.

Brrrdddt, brdddt, brdddt !
He'd get sometimes several boat lengths before that thing'd hit.
It was all in his gummy carb from not running it out of gas when he was going to take it off the boat.
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Maybe I should run it on that Amsoil Saber Outboard oil. They recommend 100:1 for any 2-stroke engine. If it burns up I'll finally have personal ammunition to use against the Amsoil Cult.

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