trolling motor problems


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trolling motor problems

I have limited infromation on this one
My son called and said that the prop on his friends trolling motor will not turn without giving it a turn by hand. Dangerous I know. There is no reverse on this model.
Power is getting to the motor but, again, the prop will not turn by itself.
When I asked him about hitting something real hard he said no. Nothing unusual for our river. Nothing to indicate that there is a "catch" on the prop that catches on the housing.
No matter where to the prop has stopped you have to give it a helping hand to start it off.
Any ideas?
If needed I will get more information about the motor make and thrust.
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You do not say how old the motor is or how much it has been used. My guess would be the brushes need replaced.
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Sorry about not having much information but, that is all my son had.
With that said, you and I were thinking alike.
Thank you
I will pass the information along and if that isn't satisfactory with my son I will post back

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