2004 Bayliner 175 won't plane


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2004 Bayliner 175 won't plane

I just bought a used 2004 Bayliner 175... I have a really hard time getting it to plane (moving people to the front is the only way)... yes it's a small engine Mercruiser 135 HP, but I would think it should be able to do that with light to medium load? After it planes, if I try to adjust the trim to be half way on the trim guage, I get high revs out of the engine (prop is pushing air) as soon as I pass the 1/4 point on the guage from the bottom position... is there and Adjustment I need to make? is my prop (factory) not good enough? or is my boat a lemon???
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That boat with a 3.0 mercruiser should push close to 50 with one person in it. Cheack your prop I think it should be about a 14x17 next I would check your cap and rotor they make a big differance on that motor.
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The trim should be all the way down until you get it on plane. After it's on plane, raising the bow will increase your speed, but there is a point where you'll raise it too much causing cavitation and over-revving.

The easiest way to determine if you have the correct prop is to check the rpm at wide open throttle (WOT). A sticker on the top of the engine tells you the correct range of rpm at WOT. If the RPMs are too low, go to the next lower prop pitch. (19" instead of 21", or 17" instead of 19")

With one or two people on the boat it should jump up on plane right away. It's possible that the previous owner wanted more speed and put a high-pitch prop on the boat. Two problems with that: The boat takes awhile to plane, and eventual fouling of the spark plugs and carbon buildup inside the engine because it can't reach it's full RPMs at WOT.

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