I need help with my johnson 60 hp


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Post I need help with my johnson 60 hp

I have a house boat with 2 60 hp johnsons on it, one enging runs fine the other will for a couple of minutes and then runs very irratic!!, When the 96 j60eledr first starts it idles fine and will run under 1500 rpms with out any problems then when you bring up speed over 2000 its power drops off and then will spike as you give it more throtle, then it will lug down and spike again reving way up and continue for a a couple of minutes and then die, acts hard to start and after a couple of minutes it will start up and continue the same fine for a bit and lug down reve up and contunue to die, Ive replaces fuel, filters, plugs and all three coil packs, and while this engine acts up the other is humming right along at 2500-4500 rpms
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Is the motor spraying water out of the tell tale? Is it possible the motor was overheated? Is it possible the fuel line is pinched. How often is the motor run? I am assuming both motors are running off the same fuel tank if not it could be water in the fuel. I wish I could tell you more but I'm not the best at these motors, Rick will have some advice.
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The only thing I can add is to check for excessive heat when compared to the other engine. It could be vapor lock in the fuel line. Run it without the cowl to see if it resolves. (Be careful not to allow the head to get wet.)

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