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what are the disadvantages of having two standard rotation outboards verses one standard and one counter rotating i now have twin 150's and am thinking of repowering and was told that i don't need counter rotating motors if i have trim tabs " this is on 25' boat w/9.5' beam if it makes a difference" thanks
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I havn't delt with twin engine outboards, but I would stay with counter rotating gearcases. I will check and see what I can find out at work and post tomarrow.
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The main disadvantage is the boat will tend to crab sideways.
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I had a 24' single 327/Merc I/O and a 24' with Twin 140Merc I/O's.
With nuetral trim tabs, on a long strarght run on 'smooth as glass' water you'll notice a slow turn (to port as I remember) but when the water is rougher, the Torque of the engines/props in the water will cause more of a turn.
Niether is going to be a big problem.
I think I set the trim tabs on the twin 140's but the 327 Chebby was straight and never was a problem.

If your operating in the Fog by GPS, the little arrow will tell you what course correction you need.

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