boat repair


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boat repair

Hi i toke out the floor and wood but at the sametime i cut some the buttom by missake have 4 lines of the blade .befor i cover the need to repair the buttom need help how to repair the holes . thank you
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If I understand you correctly, you used a power saw to cut out the floorboards and the saw damaged the hull.

What is the boat's construction? Plywood? Lapstrake? Fiberglass? Aluminum? Are the holes the width of the saw blade?

Hull repairs are not difficult. They are normally repaired on both the inside and outside of the hull.

We need more information so we can help you.
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boat repair

i have 4 lines of holes about 2"16 OF A INCH & 4" long underneth the boat. need help on how to repair.
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Is this a aluminum or fiberglass boat?
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OK Ill assume its fiberglass here.

The way I would do it is to pull the floor back out to give you access to the areas you damaged. Find the spots, make sure they are dry. Sand the fiberglass with preferrably a grinder but if not some 40 grit paper to "rough it up". Then get some Interlux 202 solvent wash and some rags to clean the area. Then get some 1.5 ounce fiberglass mat, and some boat cloth.

Buy a gallon of polyester resin and catalyze it about 5% (less if hotter, more if colder) Lay the mat out, roll out the resin until its clear. Now put the woven roving over the wet mat and roll it out. Put your floor back together.

On the hull you can get as fussy or as sloppy as you want. You can repair the area with gelcoat, but chances are you dont want to, so just get some good marine grade filler (3m make some good cheap vinyl ester based fillers that are easy to sand) Fill in the holes, wait till they kick, sand them down, prime and paint.

You could make the whole repair on the outside; if thats the case I usually use epoxy resin for the "patch" area as its stronger. Make damn sure you wipe the repair area with the 202 solvent wash, even if you have ground it down, as mold release waxes can stay on your hull for years and years which will cause the repair to delaminate.

Hope this helps!

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