outboard boat motor


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outboard boat motor

i would like to find out if u can fit an 80hp outboard motor to a 4.2 metre stacer runabout
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That sounds like it might be legally overpowered. Does it have a horsepower tag? Another thing to consider is when you slow down with a big motor on the back of a little boat the bow goes up and a big wave comes over the back and can swamp the boat.

One of my boats is overpowered and I have to be carefull as to when I take it out. It can't be windy and I can't take it to lakes with a lot of traffic as the back of the boat is 6" above the water line. I also can't slow down verry fast or I get wet. I do have 2 1500 gallon bilge pumps in it to get the watter out fast and I added a lot of flotation just in case.
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According to Stacer's website, the max horsepower of the 4.2 is 40. The max recommended weight of the outboard is 110kg, which is well under the weight of a Mariner 80.

In addition to samuari's caveats, overpowering a boat (especially an aluminum boat) by 2x can literally rip it apart from the stresses to the transom & hull.
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I should have looked at what type of boat that is. I would NOT do it. 2x over power on any boat let alone a aluminum boat is a bad Idea. This is in no way a performance boat.

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