330/7.4L Bravo 1 Cooling Issue


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330/7.4L Bravo 1 Cooling Issue

My 1989 7.4 made a weird screech, to the point that I thought internal damage had occurred ... at start-up earlier in the day I had too much throttle in when it fired up. The noise happened after a subsequent start. My initial thought was cold, :smoke: unlubed cylinders, too much RPM and a ring broke. I limped at idle home. Noticed engine compartment temp was high, but temp gauge normal. Started it a few days later expecting smoke from a broken ring or other obvious problem. Seemed okay, but I shut down pretty quick. Could the noise have been the engine-mounted pump failing? Would that result in "normal" block/intake manifold cooling but no or poor exhaust manifold cooling?
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One simple test you can do is while the engine is running at operating temp the top of the risers "top of exhaust manifolds" should be cool to the touch. If not the sea waterpump impeller should be replaced. A bad impeller is about the only thing I can think of that would cause abnormal engine compartment temps.

When was the last time the impeller was replaced? It should be replaced every 2 years more often if run in any brackesh (sp?) water.

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