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I want to install a light for night time navigation. My boat is 21 feet and a hardtop. What would be a good light? How many candle power? Any recommendations appreciated.
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Are you looking for a bow-mounted remote-control or a handheld? Either way, the more candlepower the better. Stay away from any cordless rechargeables. They seem to always fail when you need them most.

Although ... I rarely use my bow-mounted spot/flood. I find it easier to see at night if I keep all of the lighting to a minimum (except running lights). I track along the reflections from shore lights to protect me from bouys and floating hazards.

For "quick-sees" I use a handheld light gun powered by a cigarette lighter convenience socket.

On your 21-foot boat, do you have an aft pole light that doubles as your anchor light? I got rid of mine. It lit up the cabin to the point where it made it difficult to see through the windshield. I installed a transom light for the rear running light and a windshield-mounted mast for the front-facing white running light. The mast has a second lamp that illuminates toward aft when the console switch is in the anchor position.
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I was thinking of the bow mounted type, but, I was thinking of mounting the light on the hardtop. I was out the other night and I had to run about 6 miles. I was thinking it sure would have been nice to have a good light out in front to see any water hazards. I hadn't considered the handhelds. I was looking at the permanent mounted lights. I've seen 200,000 candlepower available for about $170 with the remote.
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I'm not mutch help but I would stay away from the big lights that fit into the front nave light socket. We sold a couple that were remote controlled but I can't remember the brand and most of them came back. Another thing was they weighed a ton and broke the socket and the customers were without any bow lights.

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