Cost to fix 125 Merc no reverse


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Cost to fix 125 Merc no reverse

I am thinking of buying a 125 hp Mercury motor and boat and I am wondering a ball park figure of how much to fix the reverse.
I know its hard to say but if there is a common thing that happens to the reverse in these motors what is it and usually how much to fix it?
Everything else works good. My dad has it and its a bit to big for what he wants and its a bugger to handle with no reverse.
Also I wonder how much fuel a 125 burns in a hour?
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Like you said it's hard to say a set price, but on the high side I would figure you could pick up a used one for less than a grand.
It could be as simple as adjusting the shift cable. First pull the 2 plugs on the side and bottom and drain the gear lube. If there is metal in it it will be at lest $500 to fix and reseal.

It sounds like it's being used this way. Does it make and grinding noises when shifting and what happens when you shift it int reverse?
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Fuel consumption depends on how you run it, how many people are in the boat, how much gear is in the boat, what kind of hull the boat has, how heavy the boat is, and the pitch of the prop. (The prop has to be matched for the boat, so if you're moving the motor from one boat to another you may have to buy a different prop.)

At a slow idle on a canal it could burn a few gallons an hour. Wide open it could burn every drop in your tank in two or three hours. The starts & stops of pulling a skier use more fuel, and tubing usually means you're running at it's most inefficient RPMs -- "plowing" the boat to create a big wake.

With a planing hull, the most efficient gas mileage for a cruising speed is attained just after the boat gets up on plane. Ease the throttle all the way to get the boat up on plane, then back off until it starts to come down off plane. Give it just a bit more throttle until it stays on plane.
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fuel Consumption

you have a huge appetite for fuel with that motor, especially if its an older HP, they were not concerned about fuel economy back then. year and model would help
and with the rear end issue, again, need the yr, and mod#

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