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What would be the best anchor to use for a bay with a sandy and weedy bottom? my boat is a 20 ft. i/o .

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How big is your boat? Someone else may need to answer this as I have a 16' and under boats and rarely anchor.

In fact last year I was on a small lake and wanted to anchor but I didn't have one so I went to shore and found a farmers rock pile at the edge of the lake and picked out a long flat one and tied a rope to it well it worked for the day.
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A Fluke style is a good all-around choice. The flukes will dig in to the sandy bottom and go deeper as the boat tries to pull against it. An 8-pounder will work for your 20-foot boat in normal conditions. If you normally anchor in heavy winds or seas you may want to go bigger.

Here's a sample:

Photo courtesy: Cabelas
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Like said a Danforth at 5lb for up to a 26' boat. I like and use a plow 9lb for a 24 sail on 22 power. Don't forget about 12 ft of chain and then say 5/8" rode. Alway go for a 7 to 1 on the rode. So if you are anchoring in 10 ft of water you need 70ft of rode out there then set the hook.
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rick is ok

he is good on his word with that anchor, i have had the same anchor for years in and out of salt, best bet for the small boats

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