evinrude o/b problem


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Unhappy evinrude o/b problem

I have a 1988 evinrude that will not accelerate unless I pump the bulb,push the throttle a little and then choke the motor while pushing the throttle --- once up to speed runs fine and then once I stop I have to repeat the process uggg. I tried a different tank, hose ,bulb and gas and same problem. I also disconnected hose between fuel pump and carbs turn key over and alot of fuel came through so can I assume that it is carbs and not filter or pump. I live in the cold country so boat is stored in winter and I thought maybe the fuel went bad and gummed up carbs although i put stabalizer in? I would like to know if it is carbs for sure ?Also is it hard to take carbs off and add a rebuild kit I have a clymer manuel but seems vague.
Any help is appreciated as I would like to get out this spring after being land stranded for 2 seasons already.thanks
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It does sound like a gummed carb. There are a few good carb cleaners that can be fed through the fuel line, but most are just sales hype. If you can get a rebuild kit, NAPA and others sell a good carb cleaning soaking solution. As to degree of difficulty, I would probably rate it a 4 (scale of 1-10).
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Always disconnect the fuel line or shut off fuel and run the carb dry. Especially in cold weather. A dry carb can not gum up. You can put stabilizer in the tank to keep the fuel good.
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I personally think engine tunner is by far the best carb cleaner I have found. I have tried a lot of cleaners in the past 15 years and once i found OMC or BRP engine tunner I buy it by the gallon. We have a ultrasonic cleaner at work but I still use engine tunner.

It does sound like dirty carbs and if it has been sitting for more than a year it's a real good idea to clean them.

Have you changed spark plugs?

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