Any suggestion for polishing aluminum??


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Any suggestion for polishing aluminum??

I have a 1963 alum fishing boat that I want to market soon. It is in excellent condition, but has the typical dulling from 46 years of oxidation. Is there any reasonably easy way to spiff this up??
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You could try one of the acid based spray cleaners for aluminum wheels. Not the "safe for painted wheel" type.
It won't make it shiney like new, but they work well at removing oxidation and road salt stains. Should leave an even matte finish. You could try it on the transom or bottom of the hull. I used to use it and a fine scotchbrite pad on my cast aluminum wheels.

Anything else will require some sort of polishing/buffing pad or wheel.
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Thanks Gunguy

I'll see if I can find it or like kind product @ the auto parts store. I would like to avoid buffing.
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A scrubbie (that green thing on the bottom of the sponge) works for me. There's also a version of it as a drill attachment/polishing wheel. Again, though, try it on an inconspicuous place.
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I am doing the same thing to a 1962 aluminum boat. I am using Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish. Apply a small amount to a rag, rub lightly until you see a black residue. Then wipe off with a clean rag. Works pretty good, you don't have to rub hard, and removes oxidation. It goes a long way, 10 oz. can about $9.

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