volvo engine question


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volvo engine question

New owner of a 16' renken/volvo i/o 4 cyl.

engine starts fine. Idles fine. Cannot go full throttle when it is cold, the carb gets confused and "bogs" down. (May be old gas??)

Aftef it warms up a bit (~2 min) all is fine, then the engine just die after 10 - 15 minutes of use. Attempted to start.. no coughing, sputtering, etc.
It acts like it isn't getting gas. The gas isn't that old that it would cause this. (purchased late last fall, and it was treated)

I cannot duplicate in the driveway (where my tools are) I have no way of ensuring that the cooling system gets water.

So the question is... what would cause this?

Any hints/tips would be apreciated.


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Is the choke closed when cold and opening as it heats?

Can you see gas being sprayed into the carb when you pump the throttle? (Don't do this while it's running -- you run the risk of burning your eyebrows off if it backfires!)

What happens if you pump the throttle as it's dying? Does it come back?

What year? If it's old enough to have a distributor, check the points, rotor, and cap. Check timing. Also inspect the coil for a small crack that may be killing the ignition.

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