johnson outboard starting problems


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johnson outboard starting problems

i have a 30 horse johnson motor electric start for some reason won't start all the time like the battery isn't strong enough. it seems to push the starter real slow sometimes not engaging. new battery had it tested twice is there a selenoid in the bottom of the starter. it seems as if the charging system in motor is working how do i check that? if i start and go for a little ride and turn off motor then try to restart it is like the battery went dead. have a 1.5amp trickle charger on it for the dock and it has lights on it to tell you when charged and when i shut motor off it reads charged but won't start. have to use the rip cord. Help please
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There should be a soleniod but I wonder if the starter itself may have some bad windings. My first step would be to clean up the battery terminals on both ends of the cables. Also clean the points where the far end of the cables are connected. Look for a cracked or worn cable which may not carry full current to the starter. Then listen for a solid snap of the seloniod contacts when you push the start button. Finally, pull the solenoid and check for worn or burned contacts and if they seem good then the starter needs to be pulled and bench tested at a shop which can read the current draw of the starter.
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Does it start OK when the engine's cold, but balks when hot? Is it tougher to pull the starter cord when hot? If so, the cooling system may be to blame. When was the last time you changed the water impeller?
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starting troubles

Thanks for the replys guy it is very much appreciated. Yes it does start good when cold and yes it sometimes will not start when hot. checked all the wires and cleaned them up but the positive wire going to battery post has green at connection so going to cut it and put new ends on i'll see what happens and let u know. had a mechanic look at it at that was his suggestion first. also he thought it might be a weak starter. selonoid seems ok i'll let you know thanks again

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