Boat neutural switch

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Boat neutural switch

Pulling into the doc is terrible, I have to shut off the motor to go into Neutral. got any Ideas? Alpha 1 merc.....
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Shift timing

I used to have a Sea Ray with IO drive and there was a switch above the outdrive that momentarily killed the ignition signal allowing the drive to either engage or disengage exactly when the gear was changing. It was a quick momentary action and when it was out of sync it wouldn't shift. I don't believe a neutral switch would cause what you are describing.
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The switch is one possibility, but the tranny should still shift even if the switch is malfunctioning.

Its more common for the shift cables to stretch over time.

There are two cables -- one from the control to the engine, and a second that connects to the same linkage to control the transmission in the outdrive. The small cam on that linkage activates the lever-action microswitch. The switch kills the ignition to reduce torque on the transmission while shifting.

Test the switch and adjust the shift cable using the method on this page.
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Cable adjustment

I know this is an old thread but I thought I would reply for people searching old threads.
The reply above mine is correct. I had the same issue with my Merc 450 a couple years back and I followed the instructions on the linked page with great success.

One tip is to adjust it in the water, I had tried to adjust it on the trailer in my drive way (with the water muffs on of course). Every time I would think I had it fixed but when I got back in the water it wouldn't work, it has to do with having a load on the prop, when the prop is free spinning in the air the gears can disengage easier than when the prop is under load in the water.

One more thing, I didn't replace the cable, I just adjusted, it now works 100 percent for forward however for reverse I can only get into gear without reving the engine, as soon as I rev up above a fast idle the switch kills the engine. I am sure I could keep adjusting but for my purposes it works fine, very rarely do you have to rev up in reverse.

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