For boats that can't get on plane


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For boats that can't get on plane

I'm posting a message because i found a lot of people with similar problems i had, but didn't have end results posted.

Problem was i bought my first bass boat, its ran great when testing it on the water. This week i took it out fishing for real and it ran like crap. Couldn't get it up on plane, wouldn't go past 3000 rpm, died a lot when shifting.

I was on vacation for a week and the boat was kind of important. Talked to several people, the general thought was it was either bad fuel, anti-siphon valve or high speed jet plug in the carb. Even the professionals were wrong. It was all about weight.

In the back 1/3 of the boat i had the outboard, 15 gallons of fuel, 3 batteries and two 5 gallon live wells full. in the middle third i had 2-3 adults depending who was going out. I could take my passengers and move them up front and the boat would plane out.

End result, empty the live wells and move my trolling motor batteries to the front 1/3. Now my boat runs like a wrist watch. Hope this helps others .
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Good call, I'm shure that will help some people thanks.

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