Crazy Electrical?? or loose wire?


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Crazy Electrical?? or loose wire?

Craziest thing happened today... second time this year the boat has been in the water.

I dropped her in the water, and went to start her up. No juice at all, the battery was dead! I got a boost, and she started right up. Ran her straight for 2 hours, probably 20 miles... (I didn't shut her off, I was paranoid...).

Loaded her back on the trailer, turn the ignition off... waited a second, and tried to start her up... no charge in the battery at all.

During my 2 hours on the water, I noticed a couple things... the power to the speed gauge (LED) wasn't powered up. --- UNLESS, I flipped on the bildge pump, then it powered up and worked fine. Then I if hit the trim button, both the tach gauge and the speed gauge lost power as long as I was depressing either up or down on the trim. With the bildge pump off, there was power to the tach gauge.

Any suggestions before I drop a couple hundred at the yamaha dealer for a tech to tell me what's wrong...?

Motor: 2006 Yamaha OB 60HP High Thrust
Boat: 2006 Campion Explorer.
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I would charge and load test your batt. If the batt is bad the charging system is using most of it's power to try and charge the batt so there isn't enough ampreage for the boat electric system.
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After you've verified that the battery is good ...

Your description of the symptoms sounds to me like a bad ground somewhere. Make sure all connections are tight and clean with no corrosion. Check those silly blue tap connections, if any -- they allow the wires to corrode inside the insulation where you can't see it. Replace them with butt connectors if you can.

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