Horsepower vs Cc's


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Horsepower vs Cc's

I am insuring a couple of jetskis and need to know how to convert cc's to Hp. One is a 550 cc and the other a 782 cc. Thank you!
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There is no direct conversion between engine displacements and hp. The 3.5L engines that power Indy cars, for instance, put out about 600hp, considerably more than the V6 in the family sedan.

Shouldn't be hard to look up the specs on the units in question to see what the factory claimed HP figures are, though.
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cc = cubic centimeters, this is the volume of all of the cylinders if the pistons are all the way down

hp = the horsepower produced by the engine

There is no conversion between the two, as Tow Guy mentioned. Generally, the higher the cc the higher the hp but there can be a lot of variation. I would expect less variation, however, within a type of engine (like jetskis) than in TG's example.

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