gas in my oil


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Cool gas in my oil

I have a 1989 Sea Sprite with a 5.8L OMC motor 4 barrel carb. It was hard to start so I gave it some gas with the throttle. It seemed to run fine after it started. I checked the oil after I turned it off and the level had risen. I changed the oil and noticed it smelled like gas. I talked to someone who said he had a similar problem caused by spark plugs.
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And exactly how did the spark plugs cause the problem? Only if they are not firing at all!
I think maybe worn rings could be letting excess gas into the oil. The carb may be set too rich dumping too much gas into the engine. Is the exhaust sooty or smoky?
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I dought it would be just the plugs. Loosen the nut holding the spark arrester on but keep it on run the motor and then shut it off and quickly pull the spark arrester and look down the throught of the carb look for gas dripping. If you see fuel driping the neadle and seat are leaking and the carb will have to be rebuilt.
By giving it gas with the trottle you are douing 2 things first it is squirting fuel with the accelerator pump while it opens the throttle plate. once the plate is open it is causing a lean condition. If you have to crank it more than 30 seconds with the throttle open I would say it's running rich.
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