228 mercruiser overheated


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228 mercruiser overheated

My 1979 Century 3000 with 305 chevy v8 228 mercruiser alpaha drive overheated yesterday. the water temp went up to around 220. I shut down, checked for obstructions on the intake ports on the outdrive, found none. Then I waited a while until the engine cooled. I started up and at slow speed started to go up the lake and the temp started rising again into the 200 range so I shut down and waited again. I started again and the temp dropped down to 150 and stayed there as if nothing had happened.

Now, I am afraid this will recur again.

Questions: first, any idea why the temp would act as it did?

should I replace the water pump now?

is there an audio alarm available, to supplement the temp gage, which I cant monitor all the time while pulling a skier etc.


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It could be a stuck thermostat that eventually opened. It can't hurt to replace it.

Check the engine's water pump (not the drive's) for leaks and a loose pulley. Either symptom is a sign that the pump is failing.

Also, pull the boat and run it with ear muffs to make sure you have a good flow of cooling water coming from the outdrive. If you can't remember the last time the drive's impeller was replaced, it's probably time to do that as well.
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thanks for the advice, i actually never thought about the engine water pump, i guess i just figured the impeller pushed the water all the way......

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