boat trailer: Rollers to Bunkers?


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boat trailer: Rollers to Bunkers?

I have an old sterling trailer for my 1979 century 3000 bowrider. the problem is that it is really really hard to get the boat perfectly straight on the rollers. If it is not straight, it sits high on one side and low on the other and the hull can hit the trailer fender.

I want to know if I could pull off the rollers, and install bunkers and make my trailering life easier? If so, is there info on where the bunkers need to hit the hull for each kind of boat?


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I had a boat that didn't like to come up straight. I just backed the trailer into the water again and it seated itself.

Why not just add a couple of guides? You can do that when the boat's on the trailer so you know they're perfect.
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we do have some old style guides that hit the hull real high. they don't work very well. its as if the v of the hull gets out of line an inch, and the rest of the boat follows. you cant tell its crooked until you pull it out of the water. I have backed up and recentered 4 and 5 times to get it on correctly.

i have seen some pictures of guides that may work better than mine. I just see those guys with the carpeted bunks and they seem to pull on, pull out and there gone......I'm jealous!
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I had an Easy Loader roller trailer and it would sometimes be difficult to get the boat on straight.
I didn't appreciate it however until I got my current bunk trailer which loads straight but is VERY difficult to load in shallow water!
We have low water conditions here and I sometimes can not get the trailer far enough into the water to get the boat to float on.
The roller trailer would almost load the boat on dry ground.
I am going to see if I can hinge the back part of the bunk to help lift the front of the boat.

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We had a bowrider once and the trailer had articulating rollers (2 per axled arm). There was no way to get it on BUT straight. It was the easiest loader I have ever had. May be tricky on a river, but on a regular boat ramp can't be beat. I want to say it was an EZ Loader, too.

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