Power problum Mercury Classic Fifty


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Power problum Mercury Classic Fifty

I just installed a new stater on mercury classic 50 Model oa736979 The original one had 6 wires coming out of it the new one only had 4 wires coming from it the instructions with the new stater stated the stater should be lined up differantly the the original I folloed the instructions supplyed turned on the key it fired up without any hesatation but when it is placed in foeward or reverse it dosent reach full throttle I would like to put a timing light on it but I dont know what the setting should be for the moter
I did not think it would start if the timing was off
Any help would be appericated

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I'm thinking that stator should have a high speed coil and a low speed. Was the new stator from merc or aftermarket?
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The new stator was from mercury
I was told by the dealer that it was the replacement for the original
The part no 398-832075A14

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