wiring the trolling motor (specificly getting the fish through the boat)


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wiring the trolling motor (specificly getting the fish through the boat)


I have a 1999 Triton 18' bass boat. I am not getting enough electricity too the trolling motor (12 v only ... should be 24). I'm not sure why but the black wire which would supply 24 volts is not supplying any electricity.

There are 2 batteries (24 volts). There is a RED wire coming off of the positive post on one of them and going out to the trolling motor and another RED wire coming off of the negative post of the same battery running to the positive side of the other battery connected to that battery by some sort of flat connector with some sort of electronics inside it i assume it's a fuse of some kind. Off of that connector an Orange wire goes out to the trolling motor and off of that second battery there is also a black wire which is directly connected to the battery's negative post and runs out to the trolling motor

I'm trying to run a wire through the hull or through the tunnel in the hull by running a fish through it first then tying a wire to the fish and pulling it back through.

I would just use the current wire as a fish pulling it back through with the new wire on it but it and the other 2 seem to be stuck on something. So I guess I will just abandon the dead wire. I'm wondering, but have no idea, if the wires have cooked in the boat at some time and have melted insulation stuck to the hull. If so I should replace them all.

The present trouble is that the fish won't go through the hull and I can't imagine what it's getting caught on. Is the wiring screwed to a lug in the middle of the boat or is the wiring just one wire each as long as the baot and stuck on some piece of the construction inside ?

Hope I did not ramble too much ! also hope someone can help!


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Good description of what you have going on.

The wires are often layed in the hull then the expanding flotation foam is added effectivly gluing them in place.

I would take a continuity test on your wires. To make sure that's not the problem but I think it sounds like there are a total of three wires going up to the trolling motor. There is 2 ways to wire for 24 volts.

First is to run a red from the motor to pos on batt 1 with a breaker. A jumper from neg batt 1 to pos batt 2 and a ground from neg batt 2 to trolling motor.

Second is to use the connector to supply the 24 volts. If you run red poss batt 1 up to the motor. orange pos batt 2 and black with a jumper to both neg batts. This would require a jumper at the trolling motor plug to connect both poss to make 24 volts. I forgot to mention a breaker or large fuse on all poss batt termanals.

It is a little confusing even when it's in front of me so if I made a mistake or if I didn't explain myself just post back.Beer 4U2
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I found the trouble! Last thing I thought of ... and can't find it yet (the part). The Breaker or fuse on the 2nd batt positive terminal . I can get juice on that battery from post to post but when i try to get juice by connecting before the breaker it has nothing after the breaker it's hot ....Now all I gotta have is a place to purchase a breaker.

Bass pro don't have them ... camping world a place to purchase self propelled motor homes was closed when i tried to gt one .. maybe cabellas ? auto parts does not have it .. ... WHY DO I NEED ONE ON EACH POSITIVE POST. If there is a problem won't one breaker take care of the whole circuit?

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It sounds like you have a 12/24-volt 3-wire system. A circuit breaker should be able to be reset. A fuse has to be replaced. Either will work provided it's rated for the same voltage and amperage. As a general rule, the wire size is usually 4 or 6 AWG and the fuse or breaker is rated 12-volt, 50 amp.

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