Johnson Super Seahorse V4AL 15E


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Johnson Super Seahorse V4AL 15E

Hi...hope someone can help me determine the year and HP of this Outboard listed above. It is mounted to a 1966 AEROCRAFT and is reputed to have come with the boat(Which should mean it is a 1966...) but the HP is not clearly listed on the shroud or anywhere else under the "Hood"...the serial number is 2348530 and the only other reference in regards to HP is that it states that it develops 75 HP at 4,500 RPM...but could it be an 85 HP model, since I can't find if Johnson even made a 75? Thanks...

also(this is retarded...) what mix of gas/oil should I be using? I bought the boat with (2) 6 gallon tanks of full of old gas(2+ years old) and boat seems to run kind of sputtery....wanted to dump this gas and mix new to see if it ran better...
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Welcome to the forums.

The model number (without the "E") says it's a 1963 75 HP. The "E" means electric start.

It's a 24:1 mix.

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