How to replace the transom on a Sylvan 16' boat


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How to replace the transom on a Sylvan 16' boat

I will be working on a early/mid 80's Sylvan fishing boat that has a soft transom. It looks like you drill out the rivets holding on the top aluminum trim cap first. There are 4-5 large phillips head screws thru the back on each side. If I remove those, would the transom slide up and out?

Transom replacement materials: I have heard double up two sheets of marine plywood with liquid nails between them, and I have also heard standard plywood liquid nailed together and then coat the entire piece with the resin from a fiberglass kit. Any input?
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That is pretty much how I converted a short to a long transom on a 16' Tracker aluminum fishing boat.
I just used pressure treated plywood with liquid nails and stainless steel wood screws to pull the pieces together.
I would stay away from fiberglass as it would only be an invitation for rot.

My plywood insert was an odd size, I believe it took a piece of 3/4" and 1/2" to make the same thickness which I needed because it slipped into a channel.

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