Hole in my Transom Plate


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Hi Scott

My 84 Sea Ray w/ the 470 Mercruiser has a little problem. Seems the outer transom plate has developed a hole the size of a quarter at about 10 o'clock, facing the unit from the stern. It's right behind the raw water supply hose. Needless to say, I get a little wet in the bilge when operating at anything less than cruising speeds. My plan for now is to just patch it w/ some Marine Tex for the season (If I'm lucky I'll get out there five times this summer). I realize this is a bandaid fix at best, and I plan to replace the plate at the end of the season - I beleive the hole is too big to weld. I've got two questions:

1. Ever heard of this one before? I'm thinking it might be galvanic corrosiion. While searching for the leak, I also discovered the insulation on my trim limit circuit in the vicinity of the hole has badly deteriorated - no wonder I was blowing all those fuses. Could this have eaten the plate?

2. Do I have to pull the engine to unbolt the plate assembly? I know the bolts are on the inside. Is it a waste of time to try and do it w/ the engine in the way?


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You have it all right. the trim limit leads
shorting out accellerated the corrosion on the transom plate. A band aid as you described is unsafe and not recommended.
And yes the motor and exhaust collector must be removed to replace the outer plate.
A good weekend job!
Be sure to look very close at the splined coupler for deterioration. and with all that water, now is a good time to rebuild the starter. good work.. scott
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Thanks for the feedback, Scott.

Time to go pay my dues......


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