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We recently had a big wind storm that threw our 15' aluminum and trailer about 100 feet.
trailer ok, but there is a very big dent in the bow. No rivits missing, just a big dent.
Can we safetly heat up the metal and reshape it ?
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Ive never had good results heating aluminum
to reshape it. Ive always beat on it with a backing Shoe. Its worked well and have had no
splits or cracks on minor bends.
You may get some more experienced advice from
some of our other members.
Anyone ??
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Pardon the intrusion. I know a little about welding aluminum, and on occasion I have gas and arc welded it, but I know very little about aluminum boat repair. Aluminum will work harden and must be heated to about 200 degrees and allowed to cool after being beat back into place.

One bulletin board that is devoted to aluminum boat repair is: An "expert" goes by ROSIE the RIVETER. It may be worth while to read the following messages
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Thanks alot boys. I think we will hammer. Like my brother says, If you can't get in bent, you just need a bigger hammer. We will
put heat on it afterward. I appreciate your help.

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