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my question is.
I just changed my lower unit oil.there are 3 screws i opened the very bottom one to drain. and the top one. now what is the screw in the middle of the 2 for. this is a 1979 motor that runs very well. i put in one tube of lower unit oil. no oil came out the top plug. so i was short correct. anyway i went out a couple of times. the motor was down. and muddy like oil was dripping out of the exaust where the prop is. so i looked at my manual and i drained all the oil again. and it was a milky foamy color. my main question is is would there be water in the lower unit. or is it milky because i did not add enough to begin with. what should i do next. refil with the correct amount. the motor seemed to run fine and shift ok.and did i fill in the correct plug. thanks for any help.
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When changing the lower unit lube on johnson and evinrude o/b's only the flat blade screwdriver plugs are used. Never remove any phillips head screw. It sound like you got the lube right. Is there any water in the oil? it will sometimes froth and look milky from being run. The frothy stuff you see at the prop is oil that is unburned from the fuel.
It is the internal lubricant for the engine.
if there is water in the lower oil, you have some damaged seals, probably under the water pump but could be the propshaft too.
lets try that one later.

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