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motor runs good,after about 2 minutes at half or better throttle it starts to ping.if I throttle back to under half the pinging stops. I use texaco prem and lubrimatic oil at 50:1. boat is 14ft alum,load is about 700# Thanks, J W
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Hi:J W Grindle

I'm not positive this is the answer to your problem but I would think it may be a hot spot of carbon.

If the timing is correct and the advance is correct, it just may be a hot spot of carbon.

I will also be curious to find out what the boat mechanic says it is.

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Yes Tom, good call..
the synch/link on that engine will take care if the advance but it can go too far if someone monkeyed with the stop.
Yes a carbon build up is big trouble and the manufacturers have come up with "carbon free"
an additive that is in the better oils helps
but you must run this carbon melter through all engines after every 50 hrs or so of run time.

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