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I bought a PWC-Seadoo GTI this summer, and would like any helpful advise on how to winterize it. Thanks in advance
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hello tvar,
im moveing your post to boats, they r better quilified 2 answer this. look for further responces there.
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Im going to look that up for you on tuesday and post my reply. Thanks for being patient.
all my pwc books are at the shop..scott
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Ok here it is..
1st put some stabilizer in the fuel.
2nd make sure the water drain tube is clear
(under the manifold) it will clear any water from the block.
3rd pull the plugs and ground the wires
spray a little lube in each cylinder and crank it over for a second at a time a couple of revolutions.
Lastly spray the egine with some wd or preservative and then spray some up onto the intake grate and pump also thru the rear.
disconnect the battery and cover the unit.
but not to tight you want it to vent.
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Add 8oz. of SUPER104 octane booster, to the fuel tank and top the tank off to keep condensation from forming in the gas tank and making water in the gas. The 104 has fuel stabilizer and the octane booster will keep the octane numbers high so it won't detonate come spring time. You really need to run it so the gas with the stabilizer makes it to the carbs.
Fog the cylinders through the sparkplug holes, with Seadoo lube or equivalent fogging oil. Then replace the sparkplugs. Then ground the sparkplug wires on the metal prongs especially for this, located above the flywheel cover.
Disconnect the battery and bring it in to a warm stable enviroment, top off the fluid and an automatic charger like a "Battery Tender" is a must, to maintain the battery life.
Pull the incoming water line off and pour enviroment friendly antifreeze in the hose, at least a pint. This will keep any water left in the cylinders from freezing.
Now for the stinky part. You need to change the pump oil. Pull the steering and trim nozzles off the pump. tilt the craft back and pull the 3 10mm bolts holding the pump thrust cone off the pump. Make sure you have something under the rideplate to catch the oil. Let it sit like that for 30 minutes to drain completely. Replace the cone, making sure you don't pinch the o-ring. Besure you put the allen head plug up. Now unscrew the allen plug out and refill with Seadoo pump oil.
If you cover it up during storage, make sure it is a breathable material.

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