sizing a steering cable questions


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sizing a steering cable questions

I need to replace the steering cable, the sheathing cracked up and the cable got stuck. The original cable starts at the steering, runs down the side, makes a big "J" loop down to the floor, then back up and out the boot.

I was told that length was critical and that 1' makes a difference... I'm not seeing it. If my steering cable can have that big loop in it, could I not have shortened it up and run down the side and right out the boot? I could use a cable that is 2-3' shorter. Is it as critical as I was lead to believe and how would you size it?
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In most boats the cable runs in a tight area that won't let you loop it if you have extra cable and it shouldn't make sharp bends if it needs to be pulled tight. That's why lenght is critical.

It sounds like in your application you can use a shorter cable.

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