What trailer winch for a 16" deep V?


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What trailer winch for a 16" deep V?

My winch is nasty looking and rather than remove it and fix it up, for the price of them on Ebay I may as well replace it.

The one on the trailer now has a material looking strap and the whole thing is rust city. I see stainless cable types (which sounds like a bad idea) and 2" wide 2000 pound flat strap units.

What do you think..1000#, 1500#, 2000#? BTW, 16' Sylvan deep V with a 50 hp Merc.

Are these $30 ones on Ebay OK or are they junk? If junk, what should I be looking for?
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I like to over do it a 1200-1500# would be more than enough. I like the flat strap style I wouldn't do a cable. Fulton is a good brand that most shops carry or can fet parts for. I would want something I can get parts for.

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