preping an outboard that hasn't been started in 10 years...


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preping an outboard that hasn't been started in 10 years...

First off, the motor is free and smooth and ran fine when parked. Once I get the lower unit fixed, I'll be starting it.

I was told to put some oil in the plug holes, and there has been some in there all along. I was also told to lay the motor on it's back and put some oil down the carb throats and roll the engine over by hand a little each day, I guess to coat the bearings.

I also plan to replace the needle and seats, clean the carbs with gumout and small wires for the passages, plus rebuild the fuel pumps. Does anyone have any other suggestions or advice before I light a fire in it? It will be a while before the firing, probably not until spring, I'm just getting ready.
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I would not use a wire or anything in the jets just a good cleaner and air. I use engine tunner to clean carbs I think it's the best cleaner I have used I then blow parts off with carb cleaner and air. It will bring back the shine to brass with no scrubing.

When the engine is run for the first time there will be oil with the gas going through the engine so more oil in the front half isn't all that important in my opinion. There must be a oil coating on bearings at this time or else there would be rust from the humidity in the air.

Check for spark and I would do a compression test and it should be good to go.

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