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Battery question Please Help

I have a 17' boat, with a 235hp v6 outboard, I have 2 elec dwnrgrs, fishfinder and other electronics onboard. I have 1 lead acid bty & 1 deep cycle bty. how should i hook them up for optimum use, without using any switches, if possible? The deep cycle battery (megatron) is a good battery but does not last all day by itself.

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I personally would keep the deep cycle and boat starting battery separate.
Just charge the deep cycle each day.
If you can not make a day on one battery then you would install enough battery capacity to do so.
Also, do you have a true deep cycle or do you have a marine multi-purpose battery.
A battery that is designed for starting and deep cycle will not work as well on deep cycle duty.
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Welcome to the forums.

Greg is right don't hook deep cycle and starting batts together. The batts are made different and should be charged and used different.

What I would do is add another deep cycle and wire it in parelell as in red to red and black to black. This would double the time they last.

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