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Unhappy Need Help.

I have a 1979 Bayliner Victoria with a mercruiser motor 5.7 Last month while visiting Catalina Island in California the steering wheel started to shake but the engine keept on running. When I stoped I turned the engine on again and it started normally. On gear it shakes and it does not move very fast. I was told that it could be the engine water pump. Can this be possible?
Thank you for your time and any advice.
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Welcome to the forums.

It's not likely that it's a water pump. A water pump would either spew water into the bilge or cause the engine to over heat. It doesn't have enough mass to cause the vibration you describe.

A more likely culprit is the drive train. Check the prop for physical damage and work backwards.
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Does it continue to vibrate if you put it in neutral?
Like Rick said it's most likely not a water pump.
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Sounds like its running on one cylinder.
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I believe that the 5.7 is a V-8 engine, so I doubt it would ever run on just one cylinder.
Could be running on seven cylinders. Check the spark plugs for fouling and that the plug wires are firmly seated on the plugs. Then check the plug wiring wiring for shorts such as a spark plug wire touching any metal.
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sometimes water or debris in the gas will do this to an engine.
Being that this is an older boat there may be alot of sludge in
the tank. The additives that they are putting in the gas
today may also have an effect. I would use a dry gas and
gasoline conditioner that you can find at the marine store.
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Sorry, I read your story too fast, I should have said 7 cylinders .

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