I need help installing a stereo in my boat


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I need help installing a stereo in my boat

Hoping someone could help me out. My old stereo in my boat only has 4 wires coming out of the back its an old tape deck, 1 positive, 1 ground and 1 wire for each speaker, but the speakers in the boat have 2 wires each, how does it work? I purchased a new stereo and tried to connect the speaker wires but i cannot because the wiring harness only has 1 wire coming out. Please help.
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Welcome to the forums.

The new stereo should have a whole lot more than four wires. Can you post the make & model?

You'll probably need to chop the old wiring harness and connect the new wires directly to the old.

Connect your existing speaker wires to the front speaker wires coming out of the stereo. Make sure + is connected to + and - to -.

Connect the boat's power wire to the new stereo's power wire. Connect the boat's ground to the stereo's ground.

What about the antenna?

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