Replacement floor and transom, what wood to use?


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Replacement floor and transom, what wood to use?

I plan to replace my entire floor, it's has too many bad spots. The plan is to start in the spring as soon as I can work outside.

There seems to be a few schools of thought on what materials to use:

1. plain old plywood with a coating of fiberglass resin then carpet

2. a good grade of exterior plywood and just cover it with rubber backed carpet

3. A good grade of exterior plywood and fiberglass resin or 3M 5200, then carpet

4. Marine grade plywood and rubber backed carpet

5. Marine grade plywood and coat it with 3M 5200 sealer or resin, then carpet

I'm kind of leaning towards 3 or 5 but marine plywood is not readily available and pretty pricy. I'm willing to go the extra $$ if it truly will make a difference.

A boat repair guy from MMI said Lowes plywood and Lowes rubber backed carpet would last 20 years?? The only thing that is commonly agreed upon is no wolmanized.

I'm wondering if this 3M 5200 is such that applying it to a good grade of exterior plywood may be good enough. Yeh, it may have some voids but if the 5200 is as good as they say, the water will never reach it or if it did maybe it won't hurt the wood???

The boat is an early/mid 80's Sylvan Sea Star. Your opinion?
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3 or 5 are your best bets....especially if you are planning to
keep the boat for a long time. I am assuming that the boat
will be used in a salt water environment. If it is I would do
either one of those. I have been boating for many years and
have had alot of experience with wood dry and wet rot. So,
do the job right the first time. Good Luck
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Marine plywood will last longer and is stronger than exterior wood.

5200 is a sealant like rtv but thicker and stronger if used properly on threw hull fittings and screws so it wouldn't work for sealing a floor. Your best bet is to cover the wood front and back with 2 coats of polyester resin on the ends and sides. Then paint with a oil based paint because polyester resin isn't waterproof by itself.

One thing about carpet is it holds water and rubber backing will make it worse.

once you get the new floor in if you have to put any screws in drill the wood first then fill the hole with a sealant 5200 will work here but it is so strong it will never come out and full cure is close to 7 days. 3m 4200 might be a better way to go it isn't quite as strong but still way better than silicone.
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BTW... fresh water only.

I may have misquoted on the 5200. I was told by an antique boat builder/restorer that this stuff is thin as water and when painted on the plywood it sucks into the wood. He also said that it was abut $150/gallon.

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