bent sailboat mast 20 nft. aluminum Repairable ?


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bent sailboat mast 20 nft. aluminum Repairable ?

can autobody shops bend it back? K
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I would be worried about it loosing strength if it were straightened.
I don't think your average body shop could do it but I could be wrong.
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Autobody shop??? Why would you take a boat part to an autobody shop? I mean, I could be missing something on that, but you really need to find a boat repair shop and get their opinion on the situation. I've never had a bent mast, but I've had a bent aluminum steering pedestal. It was repaired by putting an outer sleeve around it and "welding" it all together. I'm not sure if "welding" is the right word with aluminum, but if it was steel, it would look the same as welding it. If you are in Mass., then there are many boat yards on the north and south shore that might be able to help or, at a minimum, find a local welding shop and give them a call.
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What did you do, hit a bridge? Rebel's right. Check with a local marina that specializes in sailing vessels, not power boats.
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It is possible to repair a broken spar, but bending it back into place isn't good enough. To do this properly you must cut out and discard the bent sections and replace them with matching undamaged sections and then install an inner sleeve, closely fitted to the exterior spar, with multiple rivets holding it in place to properly repair the splice.

The smaller the sailboat is, that this has happened with, the less expensive this will be. But with larger boats, the structural loads make it prudent to replace the entire spar.

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