painting my boat


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painting my boat

I painted my 16 ft fishing boat inside and out, top and bottom with anti fouling paint (used all the paint so I did waist it) now I want to paint the inside with Tractor paint will it stick?
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Welcome to the site.

I'm not the best person to answer but I know it depends on what type of paint was used and what will be used; By type I mean enamel, urethane, or epoxy
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What's anti fouling paint?

I assume by tractor paint you mean equipment enamel ?

How old it the existing paint job? Generally solvent based coatings can be applied over other solvent based coatings after scuff sanding.
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Didn't your clothes get all full of paint every time you used the boat? Anti-fouling paint is designed to wear off over time. (Anti-fouling paint kills algae and helps stop hitchhikers like barnacles and zebra mussels from gaining a foothold. It usually contains toxic copper in some form -- commonly cupric sulfate.)

In any case, you'll have to remove as much of the old paint as you can. Sanding is the only thing that removes it. You'll use pack after pack of 120 grit. You'll then have to sand with 220, prime, sand, and paint. I wouldn't use tractor paint unless you want do it again in a year or two. Use a marine epoxy coating from a brand like Interlux.

I just went through this with the bottom paint on my 32 Carver. It's a nasty, nasty job and the sanding dust gets into everything. Wear a hazmat suit and a full-face respirator instead of a dust mask and safety glasses. You can minimize your exposure by working next to a box fan that blows the dust away from you. Plan on throwing the fan in a dumpster when you're done.
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you guys are the best

Thank you for your response to my question even though it was not what I wanted to hear. looks like I am going to be sandblasting the inside of my boat. good thing it is only 16 ft long next time I will go to DIY first. have a good day.

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