Pontoon outboard cavitates bad


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Pontoon outboard cavitates bad

I have a 24 ft pontoon boat with a 50 hp Mercury. With any weight on the front of boat when boat is just over half throttle the prop loses traction in the water or cavitates engine RPM max out and i have to throttle down all the way to regain push from engine. I replaced the trim tab last year the other one fell off somewhere in the lake because it apparently wasnt tight from the factory. Thats the only change i have made to the engine and cant find anywhere if this would cause this problem but i didnt have the problem before.

Any ideas what could cause this or even better a remedy. Thanks in advance for any help,,,,Jim
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Does the toon sit level whan not in motion?
Can you lower the motor on the transom?
Is the toon new what brand?
Can you move ant weight back further?

I can't say that I have herd of this before so that's why I need to ask some questions.

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