Is my trolling battery shot?


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Is my trolling battery shot?

My deep cycle battery is probably 4-5 years old, it has only been used 2-3 times each year. After use I recharged it before storage and checked the charge before using it again. As it sat over the winter in my garage, I pulled it out once in a while and topped it off.

Up until now I have only had a small 12' aluminum with a trolling motor, once I get my 16' finished I will use one on there. I'm going on a camping trip next week and was going to take the 12 footer, I may have to reconsider if my battery is shot.

I put the charger on it on Saturday and it drew next to nothing. My boys took the battery and when they tried to use it was dead. I put it on a charger yesterday and it drew about 2 amps. If I leave it on, is there a chance that it was just in deep discharge and it could come back, or is it toast?
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The only good way to tell is to have it fully charged and load tested. keep in mind if you are using a automatic charger they will not start to charge if the battery voltage is too low. I will take a jump pack to the battery for about a minute with the charger on it.

4-5 years is about the average age that they will last or about 500 charge cycles. It sounds like you will need to replace it.

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