What to use to seal the splashwell to the transom? Seal each bolt thru transom?


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What to use to seal the splashwell to the transom? Seal each bolt thru transom?

I see 3M 4200 and 5200, both of which only come in black/white and maybe a few others, none of which are green or clear. The original stuff was rubbery but very stiff and was painted over. I guess 100 silicone wouldnlt be ideal since it wouldnlt have much strength. What do you suggest?

Also, did you goo up each bolt as you bolted thru the aluminum into the wood transom, if so with what?
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Hotrod-Youíre really going after this thing!

You wonít go wrong w/ 3M 5200 . . . incredibly tough stuff. Understand a few things about it . . . itís designed as an extremely aggressive adhesive, but it is an excellent sealant for long term underwater use. Itís not a permanent adhesive per se, but youíll after to take a punch to knock out the bolts should you ever need to.

Some guys, in a hurry, will squirt a dab in the hole, and push the bolt through . . . most of it just comes out the other side clinging to the bolt. I usually tape the bolt threads w/ painterís tape so its easier to remove the nut, especially if using nylock nuts as they have greater tendency to bind-up (suggest using regular nuts). I take a stick (tongue depressor) and put a thin layer around the bolt, and turn it as Iím pushing it through. The excess on end of bolt is then reapplied to ďgoo upĒ each side.

I forget what the label says to use to clean-up any excess, but you may want to have handy as some will probably squish out as you tighten bolt.

FYI: 3M also makes a 4000 UV series which comes in different strengths . . . but for what youíre doing, I would stay w/ 5200.

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