Swivlease seat pedestal tip


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Swivlease seat pedestal tip

I asked more than a year ago how to remove the above pedestal from the base. Mine was seized. Someone suggested using a tie wrap to hold the locking lever in the open position and then whacking it with a rubber mallet. I finally tried it today. The tie wrap trick works great, although I think you could use a stainless hose screw clamp also. Definitely don't waste the $20 that I did for the tie wrap cinching tool. The tool didn't work and I could pull it tight enough with pliers.

Many whacks with a mallet failed to move it. Then I mixed a little water and detergent and poured in on the bushings. Voila, 5 whacks later it separated! I found sand grains between the bushing and base which may have been the culprit. Hope this helps someone out there.
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Thanks man

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