Bizarre failure


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Bizarre failure

This is so odd that it will probably never happen to anyone else, but I'll throw it out there. The Motorguide trolling motor on my 2000 Tracker got intermittent this year. I could not find the failure mechanism. I was measuring 12.5 volts at the plug on the front console that connects the motor to the boat wiring. When it finally quit and would not run again I threw in the towel and assumed the motor was shot. $550 later I installed a new Motorguide. It didn't run either. I connected it straight across the battery and it worked great. I finally tracked down an in line fuse about a foot from the battery. It had failed mechanically (not burned out). It was making a weak high resistance connection, so the 12.5 volts were being delivered to the motor, but no amps. I don't know how it ever worked at all, but it did. Maybe this will save some bucks for someone out there.

ps: you can buy my old Motorguide on Craigslist for $50.
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Good info
It is too bad a $.50 part caused it but heck you got a new trolling motor out of it.

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